cell signaling

Scale-Free Pathway Representation

OVium sequence analysis tools exploit the scale-free characteristics of cell signaling networks for pathway research. Identifiable scale-free behavior [Barabási] is observed within protein interaction [Giot, Uetz], internet link, economic, social and an extensive list of other network classifications. OVium analysis goes further in distinguishing deviations of the protein interactome relative to perfect Barabási scale-free model.

Pathway Analysis

OVium provides pathway mining solutions to support drug development and basic research for clientèle. OVium provides cloud and massive parallel processing solutions to mine and categorize essential pathways from NCBI and EMBL databases and micro-array assays gathered by leading research laboratories. Mining algorithms include homology matching with hidden Markov model and fuzzy matching techniques lead by scale free network constraints.


OVium provides leading cell membrane protein and bio-information research and development. Wennie Wu, PhD is a proven leader in protein crystalography and imaging with electron microscopy. Wolfgang Kraske, PhD provides expertise in signal processing and bio-information research and development. Exploitation of bacterial metabolisms promise to demonstrate breakthroughs in highly efficient solar energy capture, network distribution and storage for the world energy crisis. An important scope of developments for food production is also at hand.


OVium provides essential solutions to navigate today's information space. The challenges faced by contemporary companies to develop global enterprise, manage energy solutions or innovate breakthrough medical therapies have never been more real or exciting. OVium advantages:

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