Technology Strategy

OVium employs content, tools and advanced algorithms to achieve social media marketing goals. Basic SEO and content development on blogs, tweets, tag lists and semantic clouds provides a base effort to achieve SMM goals.

Limitology - Identifying Model Boundary Conditions

Individuals and societies adopt and evangelize models to develop economies, science, technology and culture. Invariably the strength or flaws of these models are exposed empirically over the course of decades, centuries or millenia, as is the case for theology, In particular world economies are compressing cycles of bubbles and recessions at ever increasing rates as the strengths of a model are adopted and then abandoned on failure as limitations are egregiously exceeded.

Counsel-William Manger JD

Advocacy of OVium is managed by General Counsel William Manger, William Manger received his Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University in 1958, he is a member of the Maryland, California and Washington D.C. bar. William Manger's successful career is focused in transactional corporate, securities, franchise and insurance law. Mr. Manger is also fluent in Mandarin, Russian, German and French as well as familiar with several other languages such as Italian and Arabic.

Research Director - Wennie Wu PhD

Wennie Wu holds a PhD in Biophysics from UC Berkeley. Her activities encompass leading research at Lawrence Berkeley Lab, Jet Propulsion Lab/California Institute of Technology, USC, International Innovative Institute, and other prestigious institutions. Particular research and development achievements are in the fields of subnanometer science, optical computing, system analysis and engineering, theory of limitology, etc. Dr. Wu has led programs with budgets of hundreds of billions of dollars.

Target Funnel

OVium designs a funnel to promote the final consumption of a product through various transactional mechanisms such as straight sale, contests or auctions. The funnel could be a bricks and mortar store, an electronic shopping cart at a web site or a combination of both. Certainly the funnel may be coupled with an OVium global supply chain to maintain product velocities.

Campaign Analysis

OVium campaign evaluation encompasses the ranking of attributes for the product, price, prospective customers, competition, social media content, social media venues and ultimately the shaping of the promotion  to meet emerging market demands. Albeit the product as a discrete or configurable item, personality, service behavior or brand. Aspects of campaign analysis assess search ranking, social media attributes, product attributes and funnel processes.

Semantic Marketing

OVium is fully engaged in development of the semantic marketplace as a focal effort in the semantic web. The totality of the OVium effort involves the attributing of market targets, promotional content and search. This totality of the process develops a domain language ideally suited for the success of each client in the marketplace.


OVium recognizes the far-flung requirements of inter-continental purchase and need to reduce the exceptional cost of expeditor transactions. To this end OVium employs trend identification and RFID tag velocity prediction algorithms to narrow the gap between almost-in-time to just-in-time requirements with predictive assessments. The end result is a more responsive purchase requisition cycle for suppliers and customers with smaller delays, transport cost and overhead.

Enterprise Analysis

OVium assesses the risks and rewards of an enterprise growth strategy through careful analysis of the identified and measured assets and liabilities of the involved entities. Search tools provide a first line arsenal to gather data that can be vented for consistent factual information. Identifiable data sources for intellectual property, litigation, accounting, market and resources provide a rich base to establish initial studies.

Emergent Behavior

As the social norms of users evolve with media, emergent, sometimes revolutionary, behavior is manifest in cultural change around the world. OVium uses contemporary and advanced analysis tools to identify and potentially shape trends as well as harnessing the ability to identify and shape potentially emergent treads. OVium embraces various technically enabled modalities, such as atom, blog, forum, tweet, to market new products and develop brilliant brands.

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