Policy Design, Implementation and Itegration

Policy design and implementation provision the successful integration and deployment of an enterprise architecture. Policies uphold transactional communication between essential business services based on requirements for security, reliability, quality of service and performance. Protocols and complex conversations for policy are orchestrated through the design and implementation of ESB workflows.


The principal demographic challenge facing the US in the decades ahead is the demographic minimum of the generation-X population[Hylmö]. The generation-X challenge indicates that Americans just entering the most productive time of their life, between 35-45 years old are currently a relatively smaller segment in the population. Hence management and professional talent will be dropping for the next ten years as baby boomers retire then to increase as the millennial generation enters the 35 to 55 age range of greatest professional maturity.

Organic Strategy

Organic growth extends enterprise opportunity with minimal risk to stake holders. Organic growth favors reinvestment of earnings in research and development along with strategic retention policies to shape the talent of personnel. Retention is biased toward developing talent within the enterprise while outsourcing or selling mature operational units to external entities. Potential revolutionary near term product and/or market breakthroughs may be realized through the leveraging of debt. The risk of course is that the opportunity is never realized and debt must be egregiously repaid.


OVium recognizes the risk exposure for clients using cloud resources. OVium facilitates necessary security and reliability policies to protect client integrity. WSDL supports security with the WS-Security framework and reliability with WS-ReliableMessaging. OVium policy initiates a secure dialog between endpoints with asymmetric authorization while maintaining conversations with symmetric encryption.

Cloud Navigation

OVium develops solutions for a variety of application domains, including supply chain, brand development, green energy, bio-informatics and social networking. Global economy expansion relies to an increasing extent on emerging market products and information resources that offer significant advantages.


Recent health reform legislation makes it abundantly clear that health care procedures must be more competitive with more accountability and accessibility; hence more complex processes for reporting and reimbursement are required. OVium provides analysis and solutions to meet the challenge with products that extend the existing HL7 and CPT standard protocols to meet new health process requirements. The Obama administration is also providing support to develop digital medical records that incorporate these extensions into mainstream clinical software.

Green Cloud

OVium "Green Cloud" provides efficient energy distribution and storage solutions. The diversity of emerging energy sources is producing an abundance of green information that when harnessed provides significant advantages in each domain of interest. OVium "Cloud"-network computing protocols amplify the success of essential algorithms to mine and analyze widely distributed and diverse green information resources to meet challenges for OVium clientèle.


OVium provides essential solutions to navigate today's information space. The challenges faced by contemporary companies to develop global enterprise, manage energy solutions or innovate breakthrough medical therapies have never been more real or exciting. OVium advantages:

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