Limitology - Identifying Model Boundary Conditions

Individuals and societies adopt and evangelize models to develop economies, science, technology and culture. Invariably the strength or flaws of these models are exposed empirically over the course of decades, centuries or millenia, as is the case for theology, In particular world economies are compressing cycles of bubbles and recessions at ever increasing rates as the strengths of a model are adopted and then abandoned on failure as limitations are egregiously exceeded.

Organic Strategy

Organic growth extends enterprise opportunity with minimal risk to stake holders. Organic growth favors reinvestment of earnings in research and development along with strategic retention policies to shape the talent of personnel. Retention is biased toward developing talent within the enterprise while outsourcing or selling mature operational units to external entities. Potential revolutionary near term product and/or market breakthroughs may be realized through the leveraging of debt. The risk of course is that the opportunity is never realized and debt must be egregiously repaid.

Global Supply Chain

The contractions ending the last decade emphasized demand for efficiency and greater productivity. The distinctions between almost-in-time, just-in-time and predict-in-time have never been more discernible. OVium facilitates an arsenal of algorithm and network integration technologies to meet efficiency needs while meeting demands without costly expeditor services.

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