Limitology - Identifying Model Boundary Conditions

Individuals and societies adopt and evangelize models to develop economies, science, technology and culture. Invariably the strength or flaws of these models are exposed empirically over the course of decades, centuries or millenia, as is the case for theology, In particular world economies are compressing cycles of bubbles and recessions at ever increasing rates as the strengths of a model are adopted and then abandoned on failure as limitations are egregiously exceeded.

Globalization of Cultural Industries

OVium and partners are involved developing protocol and products that transcend cultural boundaries. Cultural communication is a cornerstone to improve global trade. A foundational OVium effort is the development of dynamic entertainment products for movies and theater. Communication between US and East Asian cultures is a particular OVium focus with strategies to mitigate litigious conflicts on issues such as intellectual property, i.e. patent and copyright.


OVium recognizes the far-flung requirements of inter-continental purchase and need to reduce the exceptional cost of expeditor transactions. To this end OVium employs trend identification and RFID tag velocity prediction algorithms to narrow the gap between almost-in-time to just-in-time requirements with predictive assessments. The end result is a more responsive purchase requisition cycle for suppliers and customers with smaller delays, transport cost and overhead.

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