OVium deploys analysis algorithms on elastic nosql environments hosted on virtual machines and commodity harware assets. Hadoop, HBase and Cassandra are fundamental deployments but external environments based Amazon AWS and Cloudera are also widely used. OVium is particularly skilled with the development of sequential queue services similar to the AWS system to provide the ultimate in elastic architecture with highly scalable and falt tolerant Hadoop storage.

Technology Strategy

OVium employs content, tools and advanced algorithms to achieve social media marketing goals. Basic SEO and content development on blogs, tweets, tag lists and semantic clouds provides a base effort to achieve SMM goals.

Policy Design, Implementation and Itegration

Policy design and implementation provision the successful integration and deployment of an enterprise architecture. Policies uphold transactional communication between essential business services based on requirements for security, reliability, quality of service and performance. Protocols and complex conversations for policy are orchestrated through the design and implementation of ESB workflows.

Departure From Tradition

OVium social media marketing "SMM" processes deviate from traditional integrated marketing efforts as well as other SMM implementations due to an emphasis on search engine strategies and shaping of target and promotional media to advance directly into market areas of greatest strength. The OVium intent is to direct highly successful campaigns that fully engage the state of the art in search technology, social media and human marketing expertise.

Social Marketing

The intimate relationship of culture and technology is the fundamental tenet of social anthropology and a growing thesis of the global markets. Case in point, social afferents due to terrestrial weather, such as the ice age, have yielded to efferents of social trends, such as global warming. OVium marketing techniques build on concepts of social anthropology. A keynote speaker at a recent forum stated that cloud programmers are social anthropologists [Coffee]. Although somewhat evangelical, this statement resonates with current trends.

Sensor Arrays

OVium provides sensor array solutions to control energy harvesting. For example micro-turbine solutions require efficient collection and mixing of oxygen with methane gases to maintain a consistent turbine compression and energy yield. Ovium deploys zigbee wireless nodes with sensors to monitor and provide feedback control to fuel feeds and oxygen mixing. Other examples could be windmill or solar farm control systems.

Green Management

Green Cloud is purposed for organizations intending to marshal or host a distributed variety of energy resources and storage solutions. Such organizations require resource optimization solutions or advisement on what are the right resources to marshal based on cost, accessibility and storage options. OVium supports planning activities with basic information and cloud simulations for optimization.

Supply Cloud

OVium uses web service technology to integrate purchasers and suppliers. OVium implements XSD message discovery protocols, REST, and standard oriented WSDL protocols such such as WS-*, Transaction, Reliability, Policy, Security, Trust as BPEL. For simple implementations with limited service dialogue, REST provisions information transactions adequately however for more complex purchase requisition workflows, WSDL provides the necessary formalism, with WS-RS extensions for ad hoc REST requirements.


OVium recognizes the far-flung requirements of inter-continental purchase and need to reduce the exceptional cost of expeditor transactions. To this end OVium employs trend identification and RFID tag velocity prediction algorithms to narrow the gap between almost-in-time to just-in-time requirements with predictive assessments. The end result is a more responsive purchase requisition cycle for suppliers and customers with smaller delays, transport cost and overhead.

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