Global Strategy

Demand for global enterprise requires expansion via a spectrum of organic, acquisition and merger strategies. Accordingly expansion mechanisms pose varying levels of risk and immediate reward. OVium process methodology and information strategies drive innovative development in each area of enterprise expansion.


Cloud computing along with knowledge and social network development require message workflow dependencies to be orchestrated between endpoints. Hence cloud resources require dialogue between a group of endpoints beyond simple point-to-point message transaction. OVium supports orchestration with enterprise service bus (ESB) technology to route messages while coordinating pipeline or workflow. Multiple ESB's can share or load-balance orchestration efforts from distinct processing or geographic endpoints.

Emergent Behavior

As the social norms of users evolve with media, emergent, sometimes revolutionary, behavior is manifest in cultural change around the world. OVium uses contemporary and advanced analysis tools to identify and potentially shape trends as well as harnessing the ability to identify and shape potentially emergent treads. OVium embraces various technically enabled modalities, such as atom, blog, forum, tweet, to market new products and develop brilliant brands.

Social Technology

Systems of smart phones, social media and cloud resources have emerged as driving cultural forces. The key moniker for this trend is social technology. Social technology interconnects individuals and groups of electronic an human entities. The 2010 decade began with a US president elected through trends set in social networks. Revolutionary changes in software, financial services, real estate, politics and global economy are all symptomatic to the global assimilation of the social technology system.

Global Enterprise

OVium develops innovative enterprise strategies to meet exciting challenges in the global marketplace. Recent economic contractions have left a streamlined business environment ideal for innovative expansion. OVium provides a spectrum of strategies to grow business from organic to acquisitions and mergers. Strategies support enterprise development, from nascent concepts to mature multi-national conglomerate expansions.


OVium provides essential solutions to navigate today's information space. The challenges faced by contemporary companies to develop global enterprise, manage energy solutions or innovate breakthrough medical therapies have never been more real or exciting. OVium advantages:

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