Semantic Marketing

OVium is fully engaged in development of the semantic marketplace as a focal effort in the semantic web. The totality of the OVium effort involves the attributing of market targets, promotional content and search. This totality of the process develops a domain language ideally suited for the success of each client in the marketplace.

Departure From Tradition

OVium social media marketing "SMM" processes deviate from traditional integrated marketing efforts as well as other SMM implementations due to an emphasis on search engine strategies and shaping of target and promotional media to advance directly into market areas of greatest strength. The OVium intent is to direct highly successful campaigns that fully engage the state of the art in search technology, social media and human marketing expertise.

Globalization of Cultural Industries

OVium and partners are involved developing protocol and products that transcend cultural boundaries. Cultural communication is a cornerstone to improve global trade. A foundational OVium effort is the development of dynamic entertainment products for movies and theater. Communication between US and East Asian cultures is a particular OVium focus with strategies to mitigate litigious conflicts on issues such as intellectual property, i.e. patent and copyright.


The principal demographic challenge facing the US in the decades ahead is the demographic minimum of the generation-X population[Hylmö]. The generation-X challenge indicates that Americans just entering the most productive time of their life, between 35-45 years old are currently a relatively smaller segment in the population. Hence management and professional talent will be dropping for the next ten years as baby boomers retire then to increase as the millennial generation enters the 35 to 55 age range of greatest professional maturity.

Green Management

Green Cloud is purposed for organizations intending to marshal or host a distributed variety of energy resources and storage solutions. Such organizations require resource optimization solutions or advisement on what are the right resources to marshal based on cost, accessibility and storage options. OVium supports planning activities with basic information and cloud simulations for optimization.

Supply Cloud

OVium uses web service technology to integrate purchasers and suppliers. OVium implements XSD message discovery protocols, REST, and standard oriented WSDL protocols such such as WS-*, Transaction, Reliability, Policy, Security, Trust as BPEL. For simple implementations with limited service dialogue, REST provisions information transactions adequately however for more complex purchase requisition workflows, WSDL provides the necessary formalism, with WS-RS extensions for ad hoc REST requirements.


OVium recognizes the far-flung requirements of inter-continental purchase and need to reduce the exceptional cost of expeditor transactions. To this end OVium employs trend identification and RFID tag velocity prediction algorithms to narrow the gap between almost-in-time to just-in-time requirements with predictive assessments. The end result is a more responsive purchase requisition cycle for suppliers and customers with smaller delays, transport cost and overhead.

Enterprise Analysis

OVium assesses the risks and rewards of an enterprise growth strategy through careful analysis of the identified and measured assets and liabilities of the involved entities. Search tools provide a first line arsenal to gather data that can be vented for consistent factual information. Identifiable data sources for intellectual property, litigation, accounting, market and resources provide a rich base to establish initial studies.

Merger Strategy

The merger strategy is an absolute implementation of the acquisition strategy which challenges the security of all counter-parties involved due to higher integration and debt leverage risks. Mergers favor enterprises with complementary products, operations and asset versus liability. Cultural conflicts easily arise without an obvious subordinate to compromise values and protocol in the merger. Methodologies to facilitate innovative culture and process integration are OVium strengths.

Global Supply Chain

The contractions ending the last decade emphasized demand for efficiency and greater productivity. The distinctions between almost-in-time, just-in-time and predict-in-time have never been more discernible. OVium facilitates an arsenal of algorithm and network integration technologies to meet efficiency needs while meeting demands without costly expeditor services.

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