Requirements elaborate on the project goal; with a detail of the product life-cycle inclusive of the bounding resource allocations necessary to complete the project. Generally the project requirements extend the scope by facilitating a more extensive dialogue with stakeholders, stakeholder counter-parties and potential customers. The deliverable of the requirements phase is a detailed outline of what will be completed by the project, objectives, with what resources will be consumed to complete the project.

Target Funnel

OVium designs a funnel to promote the final consumption of a product through various transactional mechanisms such as straight sale, contests or auctions. The funnel could be a bricks and mortar store, an electronic shopping cart at a web site or a combination of both. Certainly the funnel may be coupled with an OVium global supply chain to maintain product velocities.

Campaign Target

Each OVium campaign serves a target brand and revenue stream based on products to sell to customers via various transactional mechanisms, such as straight sale, contests or auctions. Essentially the goal of each campaign is to promote a product to customers. Potential OVium measures for branding and revenue targets are as follows:

Departure From Tradition

OVium social media marketing "SMM" processes deviate from traditional integrated marketing efforts as well as other SMM implementations due to an emphasis on search engine strategies and shaping of target and promotional media to advance directly into market areas of greatest strength. The OVium intent is to direct highly successful campaigns that fully engage the state of the art in search technology, social media and human marketing expertise.

Merger Strategy

The merger strategy is an absolute implementation of the acquisition strategy which challenges the security of all counter-parties involved due to higher integration and debt leverage risks. Mergers favor enterprises with complementary products, operations and asset versus liability. Cultural conflicts easily arise without an obvious subordinate to compromise values and protocol in the merger. Methodologies to facilitate innovative culture and process integration are OVium strengths.

Acquisition Strategy

Acquisition strategy, although riskier than an organic strategy, offers greater growth potential. Fundamentally acquisitions of independent smaller companies or industrial units from other enterprises is the basis of growth. Research and development is focused on identifying target entities with products or intellectual property that should amplify revenues and profit when acquired and integrated into the larger enterprise. This strategy maintains a philosophy that the sum of the whole enterprise is greater than the sum of the acquired parts.

Organic Strategy

Organic growth extends enterprise opportunity with minimal risk to stake holders. Organic growth favors reinvestment of earnings in research and development along with strategic retention policies to shape the talent of personnel. Retention is biased toward developing talent within the enterprise while outsourcing or selling mature operational units to external entities. Potential revolutionary near term product and/or market breakthroughs may be realized through the leveraging of debt. The risk of course is that the opportunity is never realized and debt must be egregiously repaid.

Global Supply Chain

The contractions ending the last decade emphasized demand for efficiency and greater productivity. The distinctions between almost-in-time, just-in-time and predict-in-time have never been more discernible. OVium facilitates an arsenal of algorithm and network integration technologies to meet efficiency needs while meeting demands without costly expeditor services.


Developing promotional brands, products and personalities to meet and shape customer desires is widely practiced by marketing professionals. The moniker of "social media marketing" with the afferent acronym "SMM" is an accepted activity to improve the visibility of brands relative to personalities and products for the most appropriate customers on the internet.


Recent health reform legislation makes it abundantly clear that health care procedures must be more competitive with more accountability and accessibility; hence more complex processes for reporting and reimbursement are required. OVium provides analysis and solutions to meet the challenge with products that extend the existing HL7 and CPT standard protocols to meet new health process requirements. The Obama administration is also providing support to develop digital medical records that incorporate these extensions into mainstream clinical software.

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