OVium masters the dominant REST and WSDL web service protocols of the cloud environment to harness far flung internet computational and knowledge resources. OVium further employs specialized protocols such as Java-RMI and CORBA-IIOP for specific customer cloud requirements. OVium facilitates protocol implementations as customer needs for flexibility, performance, reliability or security warrant.


Recent health reform legislation makes it abundantly clear that health care procedures must be more competitive with more accountability and accessibility; hence more complex processes for reporting and reimbursement are required. OVium provides analysis and solutions to meet the challenge with products that extend the existing HL7 and CPT standard protocols to meet new health process requirements. The Obama administration is also providing support to develop digital medical records that incorporate these extensions into mainstream clinical software.


OVium provides essential solutions to navigate today's information space. The challenges faced by contemporary companies to develop global enterprise, manage energy solutions or innovate breakthrough medical therapies have never been more real or exciting. OVium advantages:

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