Counsel-William Manger JD

Advocacy of OVium is managed by General Counsel William Manger, William Manger received his Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University in 1958, he is a member of the Maryland, California and Washington D.C. bar. William Manger's successful career is focused in transactional corporate, securities, franchise and insurance law. Mr. Manger is also fluent in Mandarin, Russian, German and French as well as familiar with several other languages such as Italian and Arabic.

Research Director - Wennie Wu PhD

Wennie Wu holds a PhD in Biophysics from UC Berkeley. Her activities encompass leading research at Lawrence Berkeley Lab, Jet Propulsion Lab/California Institute of Technology, USC, International Innovative Institute, and other prestigious institutions. Particular research and development achievements are in the fields of subnanometer science, optical computing, system analysis and engineering, theory of limitology, etc. Dr. Wu has led programs with budgets of hundreds of billions of dollars.

Social Marketing

The intimate relationship of culture and technology is the fundamental tenet of social anthropology and a growing thesis of the global markets. Case in point, social afferents due to terrestrial weather, such as the ice age, have yielded to efferents of social trends, such as global warming. OVium marketing techniques build on concepts of social anthropology. A keynote speaker at a recent forum stated that cloud programmers are social anthropologists [Coffee]. Although somewhat evangelical, this statement resonates with current trends.

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