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OVium develops solutions for a variety of application domains, including supply chain, brand development, green energy, bio-informatics and social networking. Global economy expansion relies to an increasing extent on emerging market products and information resources that offer significant advantages. OVium expertise in "Cloud"-network computing solutions and protocols amplifies the success of essential algorithms to mine, analyze and channel widely distributed and diverse information resources to meet opportunities for OVium clientèle. OVium achieves goals algorithmically by harnessing information from individual and cultural aspects of social network technology. OVium is involved in studying the intelligence landscape of the internet and cultural enclaves of the world to better understand opportunities for clientèle.

The information revolution has reached maturity as information and wealth imbalance continues to maintain an overwhelming tread toward emerging market growth. Cloud based social networking and supply chain are an egalitarian solution to improve democratic progress and distribute goods and services throughout the world. OVium uses the latest network protocols to achieve goals, such as web service REST and WSDL protocols and low latency CORBA-IIOP standards. The latest messaging services provide an ideal distribution and fusion of information over protocols to achieve algorithmic goals within appropriate time lines, OVium orchestrates services with the latest enterprise service bus (ESB) technology to satisfy the cloud service needs of customers. Extending cloud resources via integrated Microsoft Azure, Oracle Metro, Amazon EC2, Intuit IPP, and Google App engine further assures satisfaction of the most challenging client demands.

UDDI - Universal Description Discovery and Integration WSDL - Web Service Description Language SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol REST - REpresentation State Transfer CORBA - Common Object Request Broker Architecture IIOP - Internet Inter-ORB Protocol WCF - Windows Communication Foundation