Ideology: Paradigm and Model

The basic tenet of ideology is founded on a human and societal fixation on models and model category, paradigm.

Sensor Arrays

OVium provides sensor array solutions to control energy harvesting. For example micro-turbine solutions require efficient collection and mixing of oxygen with methane gases to maintain a consistent turbine compression and energy yield. Ovium deploys zigbee wireless nodes with sensors to monitor and provide feedback control to fuel feeds and oxygen mixing. Other examples could be windmill or solar farm control systems.

Quantum Coherence

Most plants and a variety of bacterial species transform solar energy to the chemical metabolism of the organism via photosynthesis. The natural manifestation of photosynthesis is an order of magnitude more efficient than the silicon based process used in current man-made solar power cell. OVium intends to harness natural photosynthesis to provide efficient, low cost and abundant power. Conveniently natural photosynthetic processes also demonstrate quantum phenomenon that OVium deems necessary for the future of practical quantum computation systems.

Green Management

Green Cloud is purposed for organizations intending to marshal or host a distributed variety of energy resources and storage solutions. Such organizations require resource optimization solutions or advisement on what are the right resources to marshal based on cost, accessibility and storage options. OVium supports planning activities with basic information and cloud simulations for optimization.


OVium "Green Cloud" is part of an overarching "Sustainability Theme" for radiation, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and water cycles of the terrestrial environment. These cycles are intertwined to sustain the global climate that mankind thrives within. The radiation cycle is particularly abstruse, involving ocean and air currents driven by geothermal and solar sources of energy, magnetic fields also play a roll. Energy may be harvested from each cycle.

Cloud Navigation

OVium develops solutions for a variety of application domains, including supply chain, brand development, green energy, bio-informatics and social networking. Global economy expansion relies to an increasing extent on emerging market products and information resources that offer significant advantages.


OVium provides leading cell membrane protein and bio-information research and development. Wennie Wu, PhD is a proven leader in protein crystalography and imaging with electron microscopy. Wolfgang Kraske, PhD provides expertise in signal processing and bio-information research and development. Exploitation of bacterial metabolisms promise to demonstrate breakthroughs in highly efficient solar energy capture, network distribution and storage for the world energy crisis. An important scope of developments for food production is also at hand.

Social Technology

Systems of smart phones, social media and cloud resources have emerged as driving cultural forces. The key moniker for this trend is social technology. Social technology interconnects individuals and groups of electronic an human entities. The 2010 decade began with a US president elected through trends set in social networks. Revolutionary changes in software, financial services, real estate, politics and global economy are all symptomatic to the global assimilation of the social technology system.

Green Cloud

OVium "Green Cloud" provides efficient energy distribution and storage solutions. The diversity of emerging energy sources is producing an abundance of green information that when harnessed provides significant advantages in each domain of interest. OVium "Cloud"-network computing protocols amplify the success of essential algorithms to mine and analyze widely distributed and diverse green information resources to meet challenges for OVium clientèle.

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