Cultural Industries

Technology Strategy

OVium employs content, tools and advanced algorithms to achieve social media marketing goals. Basic SEO and content development on blogs, tweets, tag lists and semantic clouds provides a base effort to achieve SMM goals.


The principal demographic challenge facing the US in the decades ahead is the demographic minimum of the generation-X population[Hylmö]. The generation-X challenge indicates that Americans just entering the most productive time of their life, between 35-45 years old are currently a relatively smaller segment in the population. Hence management and professional talent will be dropping for the next ten years as baby boomers retire then to increase as the millennial generation enters the 35 to 55 age range of greatest professional maturity.

Social Marketing

The intimate relationship of culture and technology is the fundamental tenet of social anthropology and a growing thesis of the global markets. Case in point, social afferents due to terrestrial weather, such as the ice age, have yielded to efferents of social trends, such as global warming. OVium marketing techniques build on concepts of social anthropology. A keynote speaker at a recent forum stated that cloud programmers are social anthropologists [Coffee]. Although somewhat evangelical, this statement resonates with current trends.

Social Technology

Systems of smart phones, social media and cloud resources have emerged as driving cultural forces. The key moniker for this trend is social technology. Social technology interconnects individuals and groups of electronic an human entities. The 2010 decade began with a US president elected through trends set in social networks. Revolutionary changes in software, financial services, real estate, politics and global economy are all symptomatic to the global assimilation of the social technology system.

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