Policy Design, Implementation and Itegration

Policy design and implementation provision the successful integration and deployment of an enterprise architecture. Policies uphold transactional communication between essential business services based on requirements for security, reliability, quality of service and performance. Protocols and complex conversations for policy are orchestrated through the design and implementation of ESB workflows.

SOA web service protocols such as REST, SOAP, WSDL, WSIF and UDDI provide basic specifications of communication for most requirements. Low latency requirements may be serviced with OMG standards; DDS for buffered asynchronous messaging and CORBA for synchronous messaging.

Policy implementation with Java WS-* and .Net WCF provide support for broad business architecture requirements.

The foundation of implementation requires strict adherence to procedures for continuous integration. Hence implementation workflow must also adhere to policies to follow design and architecture artifact specification, integrate changes, maintain versions of the implementation product and test versions for consistency with requirements.