Recent health reform legislation makes it abundantly clear that health care procedures must be more competitive with more accountability and accessibility; hence more complex processes for reporting and reimbursement are required. OVium provides analysis and solutions to meet the challenge with products that extend the existing HL7 and CPT standard protocols to meet new health process requirements. The Obama administration is also providing support to develop digital medical records that incorporate these extensions into mainstream clinical software. With new regulations, clinical survival mandates the use of digital medical record software with easily implemented test and validation procedures provided by OVium.

A narrow scope of OVium solutions engages the DICOM radiological imaging standard. DICOM provides a standard for multi-modal image and scanner data storage, IOD, as well as well as comprehensive service object pairs, SOP's, that wrap IOD's with protocol specifications for network query retrieval and storage services. Fundamentally the complex actions of any conceivable medical procedure can be portably recorded and reproduced within a networked DICOM environment. This also includes CPT processes and HL7 interfaces. DICOM specifications are now further encoded with XML schema (XSD) for persistence in leading industry databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL and progreSQL. OVium provides solutions commensurate with these developments.

Oracle Multimedia DICOM Developer's Guide

DICOM- Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine

SOP - Service Object Pair

IOD - Information Object Definition

XML - eXtensible Markup Language

XSD - XML Schema Definition