Target Funnel

OVium designs a funnel to promote the final consumption of a product through various transactional mechanisms such as straight sale, contests or auctions. The funnel could be a bricks and mortar store, an electronic shopping cart at a web site or a combination of both. Certainly the funnel may be coupled with an OVium global supply chain to maintain product velocities. Consumer traffic entering to the funnel is driven by advertising, social media, traditional media and viral mechanisms. The goal of the funnel is to drive consumption of the target by completion of the funnel workflow. Consumer behavior exiting the funnel with or without achieving the goal is measured to assess improvements for customer return or follow on consumption. Product consumption may be served by various transactions such as strait sale, lay-away, coupon, contests or a variety of auction techniques. Variations of a funnel may be established to rank the success of different marketing promotions to guide improving campaign results.