Developing promotional brands, products and personalities to meet and shape customer desires is widely practiced by marketing professionals. The moniker of "social media marketing" with the afferent acronym "SMM" is an accepted activity to improve the visibility of brands relative to personalities and products for the most appropriate customers on the internet.

Advertising provides an additional challenge wherein a market agent must negotiate to sell a product and purchase advertising space; with the caveat of succeeding at a nominal rate in auctions for advertising space. Hence overall sales margin based on price and velocity must compromise with the advertising cost to meet profit goals. OVium uses agent simulation with the latest game theory algorithms to predict outcomes of the advertising scenario for clientele.

OVium is currently engaged in SMM activities to promote several brands of personalities and products as well as intellectual curricula and concepts. Revenue and brand valuation are collectively designated as targets for the OVium SMM effort. Improvements in analysis technology now empower marketing professionals to not only track customer desires but to re-configure products, media promotions and transactional mechanisms in real time to meet a variety of customer desires for greater brand and revenue success.

Ideally OVium engages SMM activities with attributed targets, products and promotional content. Attributed refers to various properties or behaviors that characterize customer or a product manifestation as a configurable item, brand or content. Attributed characterization is desired since the OVium SMM methodology can rank various categories of customer, salable items, promotional content and transactional mechanisms to identify a winning combination for evolving trends in the marketplace.

Specifically OVium employs search analysis tools to categorize collections of promotional funnels for each target with various SMM strategies based on product, promotional content and customers. Each particular attribute of the target and funnel is ranked in for success to establish consumer behavior with each product while eventually predicting trends guiding new designs to improve success. Search engine mining and analysis define a domain language shape each campaign to guide toward an ultimate success. Please contact OVium for more information about our exciting offering.