Global Supply Chain

The contractions ending the last decade emphasized demand for efficiency and greater productivity. The distinctions between almost-in-time, just-in-time and predict-in-time have never been more discernible. OVium facilitates an arsenal of algorithm and network integration technologies to meet efficiency needs while meeting demands without costly expeditor services.

As stated by Mohamed El-Erian, co-CEO/co-CIO PIMCO Partners, the global economy has a "new destination" based on the consolidation of mature markets and developing global markets. It is well known that global banking systems and commercial processes have undergone dramatic transformations that continue into this decade as emerging Brazilian agriculture, Chinese manufacturing, Indian service industry and oil endowed sovereignties have expanded in wealth and cultural influence worldwide. OVium is intimately involved in riding the bulls and bears of emerging commerce during this nascent century. OVium provides solutions to optimize the logistics of container shipment planning and prediction. The "one" network access (internet) to "global" resources, N = 1 and R = G [CK Prahalad], is a constant in the current world market.

Internally OVium extends algorithms such as knapsack and towers-of-hanoi to solve critical shipping and fulfillment issues. RFID tracking is facilitated to optimize flow control and security procedures. OVium has the tools and knowledge to bridge the gap between mature and emerging markets for partners and clientele with specific and general electronic, procedural and cultural requirements.

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