Research Director - Wennie Wu PhD

Wennie Wu holds a PhD in Biophysics from UC Berkeley. Her activities encompass leading research at Lawrence Berkeley Lab, Jet Propulsion Lab/California Institute of Technology, USC, International Innovative Institute, and other prestigious institutions. Particular research and development achievements are in the fields of subnanometer science, optical computing, system analysis and engineering, theory of limitology, etc. Dr. Wu has led programs with budgets of hundreds of billions of dollars. She has been the President of Chinese-American Computer Association, the Director of the Society of Confucius Studies of America, the Director of Chinese-American Dance Association, etc. She has chaired internationally renowned conferences (She has invited Nobel Laureates, high government officials, Oscar awardees, etc.), and spoken on topics about technology, business, and culture. She has composed and produced musical performances. She has been invited into Who is Who in the West, the New York Academy of Science, etc. She has been presented numerous awards for her work in technology, management, charitable activities, writing, gymnastics, dances, etc.