OVium Experience

Track Record, Education and Experience

OVium has a long track record of experience, education and accomplishment:

  • Innovative Industries in the Globalization Era presented at China-US Business Summit 2010, Los Angeles
  • Global Commerce plan presented at CHITEC 2009, Beijing
  • Information Management presented at a the conference for technology and globalization 2009, Taipei
  • Cloud Computing and Aggregation with leading REST, WSDL and IIOP protocols on established platforms
  • Membrane protein crystalography and world leading sub-nanometer imaging, membrane protein MRS, pathway bio-informatics. Beyond drug discovery this research portends the future of alternative energy breakthroughs in photosynthesis.
  • Cultural Products and Philosophy: Composition and Production of Musicals, Hollywood Theatrical Plays, Movies in Beijing, International Conferences attended by Nobel Laureates & High Government Officials such as Presidents and Cabinet Members, Business Leaders, Oscar Winners etc.
  • Sino-American Global Partners and Affiliations


VIGYAN DHARA is the first

VIGYAN DHARA is the first Indian IIT-JEE/ NEET/AIIMS coaching Institute which is purely based on Historical Indian Education System that is the Gurukul Tradition of Education where students leave their homes during their studies.
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The Fairdeal Group of

The Fairdeal Group of Companies is a fast-growing group with the ambition of helping people across Kenya build their dream homes and offices.
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Apple products are revered for its quality, precision and great design. SRSG started its operations as Apple technology partners in the year 1997.
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