Navigating today's information space


OVium provides essential solutions to navigate today's information space. The challenges faced by contemporary companies to develop global enterprise, manage energy solutions or innovate breakthrough medical therapies have never been more real or exciting. OVium advantages:

  • Global Enterprise: Enterprise growth strategies are the vehicle for worldwide economic recovery. OVium provides methodology and tools to facilitate growth for organic, acquisition and merger strategies
  • Supply Chain: Globalization strategies have dramatically compressed product life-cycles. OVium maintains solutions to manage the design, development and distribution of fully branded products in a global environment with EDI and RosettaNet messaging protocols
  • Green Cloud: Emerging green energy sources require efficient distribution and storage grids to amplify market advantages. OVium offers a unique strategy
  • Medical Informatics: Evolving policies and protocols using HL7, CPT and DICOM standards facilitate software requirements for various medical procedures. OVium solutions encompass requirements across a spectrum from the basic clinical to the frontiers of radiology and pharmacology
  • Bio-Informatics: Cell signaling pathways mediated by chemical and protein messengers are investigated by a variety of OVium algorithms and databases. OVium algorithms advance bio-informatics by harnessing cloud messaging environments
  • Cloud Informatics: Leading OVium algorithms and messaging network architecture provide clients with a discriminating advantage to mine strategic information for product development, discovery and security assessment. OVium web services utilize the latest REST and WSDL protocols as well as low latency approaches with CORBA IIOP along with alternatives to XML such as JSON and YAML